A Day Off from Work

I took a day off from work just like that. There was nothing important that I needed to do, but the fact that I had slept at 4am and woken up at 12pm did not make me feel too good about myself. I thought that rather than going in late, why not go at all. So this is how my day began with angst and disgust. But then I had the full day to myself. So I HAD to do something.

My roomie was off to work early morning – the steadfastly sincere guy that he is. As for me, I started with checking my office mailbox, which usually runs into large numbers especially on the days when I am not in office. After shooting replies and feeling tired after working, it was time for TV and the usual crappy bunch of serials and movies. My viewing was constantly interrupted by this butterfly that had found its way in through the open window. I do not know what butterflies have against tubelights. It was constantly fluttering around the light like a guy checking out a girl for the first time. From one end to the other. And then it nose-dived directly into my pack of chips – it must have been as hungry as me – but too lazy to order food. Well, another fifteen minutes were spent driving the poor thing out of the window so that it can return to more refined surroundings than the mess in my room.

Not that I am unclean guy with an unkept room. My room is fairly well organized and clean. The worst is when you spot an occassional lizard zooming from one end of the roof to the window – a dash for life unless my roomie spots it and sends the sandals as missiles hoping for a bulls eye. Gawd, he hates lizards so much so that it is making a killer out of him.

Well, coming back to the day, it is evening now. And I am waiting for my roomie to return so that we can go out this Friday night for a few drinks (hic … hic) and dinner. Work done whole day – 0. Energy spent is already crossing the threshold limit. I feel like sleeping again.


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