The Mobile Phone Story

I use a Nokia 6680 mobile phone – the only phone that has lasted for more than a year with me. I am a self-confessed gadget freak and thrive on the cutting edge of technology ;-). Okay … I will tone down the flamboyance of that statement and say that I have a very keen interest in the latest happenings and developments in this space. And this interest has also taken its toll on me a lot of times.

I remember the time when I had bought the Nokia 6680. I had got my first credit card post employment and I was itching to spend it somewhere. A chance trip to InOrbit Mall at Malad ended up with the purchase – only after making sure that there are three interest free EMIs that the card provides me with. Sporting a flourish in luxuriance, it has always pinched me to spend nearly 30,000 bucks on a phone. The trend seemed to go strong until the 6680. Before that every cell phone had lasted less than six months for me.

But the bucks has not stopped here. Now I am again hooked on getting a new phone – a smartphone this time. I am considering O2 Xda Exec and HP iPAQ 6965. What would finally click is to be decided in time.


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